December Beach Day

It’s still looking NOTHING like Christmas (not that it ever does around these parts, but I can usually at least wear leggings and boots and pretend like the fifty degree weather is cold enough for snow). The past few days, it’s been around 75-80 degrees, so last night, I asked Jake if he wanted to play hooky in the morning and go to the beach. Stupid question!

Right after the girls’ morning nap, Jake came home from work and we headed to the beach in San Clemente. Normally during the summer, the beach is packed, but even with the nice weather, we pretty much had the beach to ourselves (minus a few surfers and beach bums).

“They’ll only try to eat the sand once before they realize they don’t want it,” said Jake confidently before we set the girls down in the sand. HA. HA. 

We spent pretty much the entire time trying to get the girls NOT to eat the sand, rocks, shells, etc. 

 Before we got to the beach, we stopped at a few stores looking for some shovels and pails for the girls. To our surprise, no one had any as, apparently, beach toys are “seasonal” items. Seasonal? We live in Southern California…when is the beach NOT in season? A serious fail on the part of CVS and Wal Mart. Fortunately, the girls didn’t seem to mind playing with kitchen utensils from home.

We’ve been to the beach with the girls in the past, but this was their first time dipping their toes in the water and playing in the sand. Their fascination and excitement made trekking through the sand with ten bags of gear worth it.

Fearless Samantha couldn’t wait to try out the water. 

Whoa nelly!

Amelia’s turn. 

She did not appreciate the cold ocean water on her feet AT ALL. 

That’s more like it. 

All three of us girls. 

There was a cute park nearby with ocean views, so, owing to the success of our weekend park trip, we decided to check this one out before heading home. 

Amelia is all about swinging this week.

Samantha was still not too much of a fan of solo swinging, but she did enjoy swinging from the safety of Daddy’s lap. 

As in her weekend sliding adventures, Samantha couldn’t get enough of the thrill factor. 
Even Amelia decided she liked the slide. 

Maybe a little too much!

Blue skies and baby blue eyes.  
Pooped. After we got home, Jake left to get in a few more hours at work, and the girls and I took a nap on the bed. At one point, Samantha woke up, crawled over Amelia and wedged herself in between Amelia and I so she could cuddle with me. I would have been mad at her for waking up Amelia if she wasn’t so darn cute. December beach day? Best idea ever.

Lots of love,


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  1. Great idea! I am glad they loved it.

  2. Beach! That is so awesome! I especially love how the park had the adult swing- genius!