Times Are A Changin’

I vaguely remember the days when I could wedge the twins into their boppies in their crib or on the floor and they would just lay there, swatting at toys, perfectly content. Then came the days where I could plop the girls on their mats and they would sit there, busily playing with toys, with the occasional roll over.  This is no more. Adieu what little free time I had left.

This is what happened after I left Samantha in the family room playing with toys, while I changed Amelia, within eyesight of her sister, in the nursery. 

Curious Samantha decided to follow us, when she fortuitously discovered the nursery closet and decided all those boxes and bags were calling her name. 

Changing Samantha was no less trouble. 

Now that Amelia can crawl, she will get going if she sees something interesting across the floor, but rarely is she brave enough to change rooms. 

I also remember the days when I could spoon feed the girls whatever I wanted, with the occasional spitting out of avocado or whatever food they decided they didn’t like that week. Adieu spoons! This week, the girls have more or less refused to be spoon fed at all. They will grab the spoon from me in an attempt to feed themselves, and then get frustrated when there’s no more food left on the spoon. I can’t pry it out of their fat little hands to get more for them. Not to mention it’s super messy!

I started giving the littles finger foods last week, and they’ve absolutely loved it…maybe a little too much. They go crazy over Cheerios, well-cooked shell pasta, bits of cheese and bread, shredded chicken, and mini slices of banana, steamed carrots, peas, sweet potatoes and green beans, as well as soft fruits. At first, they knew they wanted those little bits of food in their mouths, but couldn’t quite figure out how to get it there, so they’d mostly swat it around on their tray. With each day, the girls became more and more proficient until they could at least get a taste of everything. A lot of it still ends up in their laps or in the pockets of their bibs, but they have fun trying! 

Amelia is still grabbing the food in her fist and then putting her entire hand in her mouth. I’d say the finger food to stomach ratio is around 50/50. 

 Samantha’s pincer grasp is much better than Amelia’s and she usually manages to clear her tray. 

The big winner in all this is Bandit. My, how he loves to hang out with us during meal time in hopes of tasty bits of food magically falling from the sky, straight into his mouth!

 Lots of love,


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