Thursday was another summery, 85 degree day and we took advantage of the warm weather by playing outside.

                                                           And by “we,” we mean mommy. 
Die, hat, DIE. 
Geez, mom, what a pointless toy. 
I quite like mine. 
 Shout out to cousin Chloee, who gave us these cute rompers!

So, let me get this straight. H comes before I? Or after? Because it seems like it changes depending on which way I spin this ball. CONFUSING. 

Hmmm…can’t remember how I got here.  

I can’t wait until the girls are old enough to be my little slaves and fold laundry for me. If it’s the future, and you are reading this, girls, you better have your chores done. BWAHAHAHA. 

Today, the weather was decidedly November-ish again and temps plunged into the 60s. Brrrrrrrrr! Obviously, we had to gear up to brave the frigid 65 degree weather for our walk. 

What did hats ever do to you, Amelia? She’s really been hatin’ on hats lately. 

Thanks for putting these fun, fuzzy toys on our feet, mommy! It gives us something to do!

In other news, today, Samantha pulled herself up from a sitting to standing position for the first time by herself by pulling up on the couch. She did the same thing in her crib an hour later, hence we had to adjust her crib to the lowest level in order to protect her from herself (how do I take 5,900 pictures per day and don’t have a picture of this?!). I have a feeling we’re going to have to put her mattress on the floor when she’s a toddler to prevent her from falling out of her crib when she attempts to climb out.

Anyway, on with our day…I spent the latter half of the afternoon holding the girls in my lap while they napped. Samantha woke up crying about 20 minutes into her last afternoon nap and woke Amelia up for good measure, which would have spelled disaster for the rest of the evening if they didn’t get back to sleep. Not wanting to take my chances, I held them for two hours. With a pretty view of the wind shaking the palm trees and dark clouds covering the canyon outside, it wasn’t too bad, except I kept thinking about how in twenty years when the girls STILL need to be rocked to sleep, I’m going to want to go back to this moment and slap myself.

Even though I got a ton of reading done, I was pretty sick of the twins by the time their nap was over. “No worries, mommy! We’re sick of you too!” the twins chimed.

 Good thing Jake is awesome about taking over when he gets home from work. “I need 15 minutes ALONE!” is what I usually say when he walks through the door. We have an agreement that he will take the girls somewhere, ANYWHERE where I can’t see/hear/feel their presence for fifteen minutes while I do my own thing as soon as he gets home. When I come out, I am refreshed!

Daddy’s home! Happy Friday!

Lots of love,


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  1. The rompers look so cute on them. I'm so jealous you still have warm weather and Chloee HATES hats too everythime i put them on she rips them off haha i just keep putting them on her she has to get use to them for winter.

  2. You are so funny! I agree about always needing even just a few minutes of alone time at the end of a day. It helps so MUCH! I was reading my journal from when we were in Chile this morning, and I had almost forgotten that we met and became friends–it's weird to think that we have only ever seen each other in person in South America! Ha! And that you were roommates with my friend Emily B. Good times. Thanks for sharing your stories and LIFE on your blog–I love it!
    PS I think it's wonderful that you held both of them for an entire nap. Rose is only 2 years past that snuggly baby phase, but I already miss having a sleeping baby to hold!

    • Thanks, Shaina! I enjoy your blog as well! Such good times in Chile and with Emily! I miss you guys! Everyone says that the baby snuggly phase goes by way too fast, so I guess I should enjoy the nap time snuggles while I still can!