Silly Amelia

People regularly ask me if the twins’ personalities are different, or if I can even tell what their personalities are like at this point. Samantha and Amelia definitely have little personalities, but they tend to shift around weekly, so I don’t like to typecast each girl as being a certain way or always having a trait. I’ve heard from many twin moms that it’s important not to talk about the twins, especially with other people, in terms of, “that’s the good twin, and that’s the mischievous twin,” (for obvious reasons). Recently, however, I would describe Amelia as the sillier one in general, while Samantha has been more composed and serious.

For example, while Grandma was here before Halloween, Amelia learned how to play peekaboo with her.  I usually play peekaboo with her by covering my face, but Amelia, apparently, wanted to be the one calling the shots and started playing the game herself. First, she puts a blanket over her head.

Then, she jerks it off quickly and looks up at us, expectantly. We finally caught on that she was playing a game, and started exclaiming, “Peekaboo!” whenever she’d pull the blanket off and look at us.

She usually erupts in giggles and puts the blanket over her head to play again! What a smarty pants.

Another favorite game of Amelia’s is one I like to call “Just Kidding.” Sometimes, when we are feeding Amelia, she will shut her mouth realllllly tight and purse her lips as the spoon comes toward her face.

Here she is today refusing to eat her breakfast of yogurt mixed with strawberries and bananas.

Then, as soon as we pull the spoon away, she opens her mouth in an exaggeratedly wide fashion and smirks at us, as if to say, “Just kidding!” It definitely slows down meal time, but I can’t help but laugh at what a jokester she is.

Round two…
Nope…I’m serious this time…I don’t want any more!
Just kidding!
HA! I’m clever!
Parents. They just don’t seem to learn!
Tee hee. Want to try your luck again? 
Challenge accepted!

Serious Samantha, on the other hand, doesn’t have time to put up with Amelia’s little shenanigans and just wants her food!

It’s all fun and games until Samantha doesn’t get fed quickly enough for her liking!

Lots of love,


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