Happy Thanksgiving!

It’s hard to believe that last time this year I was 5 months pregnant with these two little turkeys and was extremely immobile and uncomfortable…and HUGE! Oh, and did I say HUGE? Last year, I wasn’t able to really travel anywhere, but we did end up going to L.A. to have a nice Thanksgiving with Uncle Johnny, Annie, Aunt Linda and Uncle David. Even the hour drive up there was almost more than I could handle! SHUDDER. All those bumps on the freeway…
This year, we are grateful the twins are here, that everyone’s healthy and that we were able to travel to Utah to see our families. The girls have been extremely cranky this entire week (we are going to the doc tomorrow to rule out ear infection), but, luckily, they tolerated being dressed up for some photos for a few minutes!

Samantha always has to get her glamour pose in. 
Star of the show!

I don’t remember Amelia looking so frightened when Aunt Sarah was actually taking these pictures, but looking through them, she had this face in almost every one!

My family actually already had Thanksgiving dinner on Sunday since my sister and her boyfriend were going to be at his grandparents’ house on Thursday. It was a genius idea to do Thanksgiving early because then we had the rest of the week to eat leftovers and relax!

Finally smiling!

With Thanksgiving at our place already over with, we visited Jake’s sister, Valisa, up in Ogden today and Samantha and Amelia got to meet their cute 2nd(?) cousins, Lane and Jack. Both girls were excited to play with all the new toys and they absolutely loved watching Jack run and jump around. Samantha was crawling after him and giggling the entire time…well, at least until dinner when both girls melted down. We left early, and all I can say is driving for an hour and a half home with two babies screaming intermittently was not how I had envisioned my ideal Thanksgiving.  By the time we walked in the door, the girls were energetic and smiley again, all thanks to Tylenol. Tylenol, I am grateful for you!

Hmmm….what happens when I pull on this and then let go? (Before someone calls CPS on us, we grabbed the bow before Samantha could let go and snap it in Amelia’s face!)

Happy Thanksgiving!
Lots of love, 

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