Happy 8 Month Birthday!

Another month has flown by and with it, another birthday anniversary spent getting weepy over old photos!
How were they ever this small? 
Our neighbors, Diana and Phil, had their first little girl last week and when we went over to see baby Maya, I couldn’t believe how teeny tiny she was, especially compared to ginormous Samantha and Amelia who Jake and I were juggling between us. Surely the girls were never THAT tiny?

When I asked how much Maya weighed then (a week post-birth), our friends replied that she was just under seven pounds. As I held little Maya, I couldn’t fathom how eight months ago, Amelia was more than a pound lighter than her and Samantha was several ounces smaller as well! Maya felt like a paperclip in my arms…it brought me back to the days when we could hold both girls at the same time like it was nothing.

I die. 
When I went upstairs to see Maya’s cute nursery, I asked Diana if she was ok with me carrying Maya up the stairs. “Of course! You could probably handle carrying four newborns with what you’re used to!” she replied. Some days, it seems like carrying four newborns would be easier than handling two twenty pound monkeys!

Then (Amelia left, Samantha right):
Now (Samantha left, Amelia right):

In some ways…

…not much has changed!

 To celebrate their birthday, the girls tried a homemade chicken puree with peaches for the first time. Because that’s EXACTLY what everyone wants to do on their birthday anniversary, right? I must say, pureed chicken looks absolutely disgusting. I kept having visions of spoon feeding chicken and beef purees to Jake when he’s 90, using the same plastic spoons and bowls I use for the girls. Not a pleasant thought. I should probably keep the Babycook around until then anyway, just in case I can get some more use out of it when we’re old and decrepit!

I don’t blame Samantha for hating her first taste of chicken. 

Amelia, on the other hand, loved it and begged for more.

Didn’t your mother teach you to chew with your mouth closed? Geez, Amelia. 

Samantha teased Amelia all day long about being the first one to start crawling. She would crawl over to a toy across the room and then taunt Amelia endlessly as she played.

Poor Amelia felt so left out!

She was a little angry at times too!

She tried to show Samantha how cool it was to be able to roll over onto the grass. 
But Samantha wasn’t buying it. 
Amelia tried crawling with all her might.

But could never quite catch up with wherever Samantha had gone to next. 

Eventually, Amelia decided to stay put and relax by reading her favorite book. 

Such intrigue! Such drama!

Unfortunately, now that Samantha can crawl, it’s easier than ever for her to jaunt on over and steal whatever Amelia has at the moment. 

Samantha goes in for the steal!

Jake likened Samantha’s newfound crawling ability unto the U.S. having all the nukes. It’s a zero sum game now that she has all the tricks up her sleeve! We need Amelia to start crawling too so that the balance of power is restored and a detente resumes. I applaud Jake for this very apt analogy…except for the fact that one of the girls would have to be Russia. Sometimes I wonder what it would be like to be inside Jake’s mind for a day!
Anyway, happy 8 month birthday, girls!


Lots of love,  

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  1. Happy Birthday Samantha and Amelia! Can't believe they are 8 months time flies.