Halloween Disaster

Samantha and Amelia had been looking forward to dressing up in their Thing 1 and Thing 2 Halloween costumes all month and couldn’t wait to see what this Halloween thing was all about. They were doing great all day until the time they were supposed to take their afternoon nap. Normally, they will go down about two hours after they last woke up, but today, they just refused to sleep! I rocked them, fed them, put them in their cribs to wriggle around and rocked them again. These girls were afraid of missing out on something! 
Finally, when they had both been asleep for about 20 minutes on my lap, Jake called. I usually have my ringer on silent so as not to disturb the girls in situations like this, but for some reason, I had forgotten to silence it and it was resting on a table right next to the precariously sleeping babies. The girls’ eyes shot open and I knew there was no going back to sleep from then on out. The day was all downhill from there!
When I found out that my friend, Wendy’s cute identical twin daughters were also dressing up as Thing 1 and Thing 2 for Halloween, I asked if they could stop by for a photo op with Samantha and Amelia. Although I used to be able to hand off Samantha and Amelia to just about anyone without a problem, they have been going through a stranger danger phase recently and instantly started screaming bloody murder as soon as I had Charlotte and Claire hold them. 
They screamed non-stop for a good twenty minutes, even after I held them. The decibel level was truly epic and Charlotte and Claire looked scared! After witnessing the twins’ melt-down, Charlotte and Claire hugged their mom and thanked her for taking care of them when they were screaming infants! 
Two sets of identical twins! Claire next to Amelia and Charlotte next to Samantha. Charlotte and Claire were born at 28 weeks and had a 3-month stay in the NICU. I think they were somewhere around 2 or 3 pounds each at birth! They are super smart girls and are now as healthy as they can be despite their crazy start to life.
Just when they were leaving, our savior, Jake, came barreling up the road from work, and quickly got the girls to crack a smile. They are always in a good mood for Daddy!
The girls’ good spirits upon Daddy’s return from work didn’t last long. We had invited Jared, Jodi and the ever-adorable Maliyah over to hang out and take pictures of the girls’ first Halloween, but Samantha and Amelia were not up to playing. They had taken a cat nap during the first few minutes of Maliyah’s arrival and after that were super cranky the entire time! 

I just love Maliyah’s expression. She is clearly concerned about what Amelia is going to do to her costume!

Amelia and Samantha show Maliyah how to play a game on the Ipad. 

In fact, none of the girls were in a great mood! Maliyah had skipped her afternoon nap as well, so we struggled through dinner with three tired babies who were not excited about their pictures being taken.

I am melting over Maliyah’s costume…she looks so squeezable! 

We managed to get one family picture in our seussical costumes before the girls had a complete melt-down and were taken upstairs for their baths. It took an hour for them to get calmed down enough to start going to sleep…they have not screamed so hysterically for that long since they were newborns! Jake held them upstairs while I answered the door for trick-or-treaters downstairs.

Pretty much every kid who knocked on our door was startled and had to take a step back when I opened the door and they saw my wig…ha! Since the twins were still awake and showing no signs of wanting to sleep, we bundled them up and took them outside to hang out with our neighbors who were sitting in their driveway chatting and handing out candy. The crisp air seemed to do Samantha and Amelia some good because they became very calm and finally drifted off to sleep.

Good thing we didn’t have a ton of trick or treaters because Jake and I both had headaches by the end of the night and were dead tired from listening to all that screaming. Now I know what happens when the girls don’t get a good nap…it ain’t pretty! I’m super disappointed that the girls didn’t get to show off their costumes around the neighborhood, but hopefully next year they will be able to stay up later and we’ll get to go out! 
Lots of love,


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  1. That picture with Maliyah and the girls makes me laugh. She was so grumpy that night. We need to have another play date during the day. Thanks again for dinner!