Gearing Up

This Thanksgiving week, I’m feeling especially grateful for awesome friends. On Friday, Aunty Meredith came over to spend a whole day with the girls so I could get everything packed for our trip to Utah. The girls were so excited to play and show her all their new skills!
Look what I can do!
Such wriggly monkeys. 
Hey there!

Thanks to Aunty Meredith, I was able to get an unprecedented amount of work done, since I wasn’t constantly running after the little crazies all day. 

Aunty M! Come check this out!

Samantha loved to help Mommy pack. 

Bandit helped watch the girls for me as well. 

Samantha’s new favorite activity is crawling after Bandit, who seems a little freaked out that the little bald puppies are suddenly mobile. 

Spending some quality time with her toys before heading off on our trip. 

I’m ready for a vacation!

A little pre-bedtime snuggle before our long drive in the morning. 
Thank you, Aunty Meredith, for the Starbucks hot chocolate, chasing the babes all day, and providing me with some much needed grown-up conversation! 
Lots of love, 

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