Double Trouble

The girls are becoming increasingly mobile and will start crawling any day now. Once they do, there’s no stopping them, so watch out! Baby-proofing the house needed to happen, like, yesterday. 
The girls love to climb up and look over the rails of their cribs after they wake up from their naps. They also love to check out each other’s cribs. Here they are saying hello while I was finding some clothes to change them into. 
The girls (Samantha, especially) are hardly ever content to just sit in one place anymore…they always have to lunge forward to see what they are missing!

A favorite of theirs is getting into the wipes, probably because I always take it away from them. 

I have to watch Amelia closely when we go to the park because she has a newfound fetish for grass.

Amelia contemplates her next move. 

Attack of the pink, furry twin monsters!

The twins regularly cause all sorts of trouble during meal times. 

Exhibit A. 

They’ve got Daddy wrapped around their fingers. Even throwing food on the ceiling for Daddy to clean up didn’t phase him. 

 All grown up and holding her own bottle! The girls have gotten way better at this over the past few weeks, making life a little easier for me!

 When Samantha is finished sleeping or doesn’t want to nap, she will sure let you know. She likes to scoot off whoever’s lap she’s on and slide to the floor.

Amelia, on the other hand, likes to get herself stuck in small spaces. 

Bye, Amelia!

What can I do to cause the most trouble? 

Neither Amelia nor Samantha have perfected crawling forward yet, although Jake swears he’s seen Samantha take a few strides forward in the past week or so. I’ve never seen it, so I’m not making it official until I’m there to witness!

 This morning, Amelia made it all the way from her mat in the TV room to her nursery by crawling backwards. I can’t leave these two alone for a second anymore!

The girls have recently learned how to pull themselves up from sitting to kneeling. They don’t stand by themselves yet, but if I put them in a standing position with something to lean against, they can balance pretty well. 

Yesterday, Samantha decided to find out what things were like under the activity table. 

She played under there for a few minutes before deciding it wasn’t that cool after all and came out the other side. 

All that trouble-making gets us verrrryyyyy sleepy! They are such peaceful little angels when they are sleeping that it almost makes me forget about how much work they are when they are awake!

Lots of love, 


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