Cutest Gift Ever!

A few weeks ago, Jake was positively gleeful about something he had ordered online for me. For each day thereafter, Jake would give me a play-by-play update of where exactly en route the package was. I guess he wanted to pump up my anticipation level!
On the day the gift was supposed to arrive, Jake called me forlornly from work to tell me that he had forgotten that the gift was going to his work address and they had already delivered it on Saturday when he wasn’t there. When he went to the post office to pick it up, they said they had already delivered it to his office, but when Jake interrogated the receptionist, she said nothing had been delivered for him. Jake tore up the office looking for the package to no avail. A couple days passed in which Jake was consumed with finding his gift. Finally, it was determined that the post office had it all along and they ended up delivering it to Jake later in the week. 
After all that drama, Jake watched expectantly as I opened his present. 

 It was a custom board book he had ordered off Etsy! He sent the shop-owner the pictures and text that he wanted, and she turned it into this cute board book!

Very creative rhyming skills!

Bonus points for correct usage of the word, “togs.” 

I love my gift and so do the girls…it’s our new favorite bedtime story! I can’t wait to make more of these!
Lots of love, 


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  1. That is so cool!! And so sweet of Jake! Awwww…

  2. Way to go Jake that is such a cute idea I LOVE IT!