Amelia Catches Up

Amelia took her first few crawls forward on Sunday and has incrementally added to her crawling repertoire the past few days.

This isn’t just double trouble. It’s like trouble times 500 to the nth degree. 

HA. I can get out of this little predicament by crawling now!

Still working on the details. 
Hello down there!
You can take Amelia out of the silly, but you can’t take the silly out of Amelia. 
At least I can still crawl farther than you, Amelia!
It’s been chilly (65 for the high…yes, that’s cold), so Samantha has been testing out our winter gear for me. 

I was super excited to bust out the coats handed down to me from the girls’ twin cousins, Eleri and Rhys. Their dad bought these in France and they are just darling, although still a bit too big for Samantha and Amelia. Next winter, I’m afraid Samantha and Amelia will be way too huge to fit into these size 18 month jackets, so I’m trying to get as much use out of them as possible.

Somehow Amelia is fine in her stroller for all of her walks during the day with me, but as soon as Daddy gets home, she wants to be carried instead of pushed in the stroller.
Le petite bébé.
Lots of love, 

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  1. I can't imagine two crawling babies. The girls need to come over and teach Maliyah how to crawl.

  2. YAY Amelia way to go! I also cant imagine having two babies crawling if i had two of Chloee i would be a Zombie shes a wild one haha. They will both have so much fun crawling around together and being mischievious for you and Jake haha.