A light at the end of the tunnel

A few months ago as we were taking a walk with the girls, we passed a neighbor’s garage sale and I spotted something that brought me right back to my childhood….a tunnel! I remember thinking it was hysterical to stand inside the tunnel, bunch it all the way down to my feet and then let go really fast. So entertaining!

 Anyway, the nice garage sale people gave us the twin discount; we bought not one, but TWO tunnels, plus one of those huge, awesome parachute things, all for $8!  We haven’t really used the tunnels much, so today we got them out to see what the girls would do with them now that they are getting more mobile. Tunnel time was an instant hit!

My favorite part about this video is Samantha in the background playing with a phone cable outlet in the wall, with no attempt by Daddy (who took this video while I was elsewhere) to re-direct her.

All that tunneling wore Samantha out pretty fast. 


Bandit was eager to show he is 94.6% more advanced than the girls. 


Lots of love,


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  1. Thats awesome i loved the videos especially Bandit hes pretty good haha. Chloee would freak out with that tunnell Andrew looked it up we found some so we just might have to get her one it looks like fun for babies.