Pumpkin City Twinvasion

On the last day Grandpa Rich and Aunt Sarah were in town, we went to Pumpkin City in Laguna Hills to pick out the girls’ first pumpkins (but mostly to take advantage of Aunt Sarah’s photography skills!) The remote locale and pastoral ambience were exactly what I had envisioned when imagining Samantha and Amelia’s first pumpkin-picking experience (read: the “pumpkin patch” was in a mall parking lot and conversation was drowned out by the sound of cars on the freeway!) At least there were lots of farm animals to add a little character! 
It must have been twin day, because we saw several other twins in their costumes. Samantha and Amelia were obviously the cutest of them all. 

As per usual, Amelia was not at all happy about being set on the ground in a strange place and cried for most of the hour we were there.

“These wood chips are poking me!” 
Samantha, as per usual, was a little ham and posed for every shot!
“Get me outta here!” 
“Samantha’s pushing me off the edge!”
“Don’t be such a cry baby, Amelia!”
Pumpkin picking is serious business. 

Autumn sun. 

Property of Pumpkin City. 

A germaphobe’s nightmare. Samantha was totally fascinated by the pumpkins…so much so, that she had to taste them all. My wipes couldn’t keep up were her!

“SAMANTHA! NO LICKING THE WAGON!” -me flipping out in the background. 

“I love you, pumpkin!”

Me restraining Samantha from licking anything else. 

Wasn’t quick enough. 

“Pumpkins! Wagons! Rides! Goats! Lambs! This place is awesome!”

“Meh. Not impressed.” 

It will be fun to go next year when we can pull the girls around in a wagon without them constantly trying to escape. 

Grandma with Amelia and Grandpa with Samantha. 


Standing up pose fail. 

Cutie farmers. 

It’s an Amelia ghost! I like how she has her right hand raised like the ghost’s. 

What a little pun’kin! Right about here as we were oohing and ahhing over Samantha’s cuteness, she rapidly grabbed a handful of dirt and wood chips and tried to stuff them in her mouth. Cue me freaking out. People walking by were laughing as we went from “Oh so cute, Samantha,” to “NOOOOOOOOO, Samantha!” in about two seconds flat.

Maybe those wood chips weren’t such a good idea…

How do I start this tractor thing? 

Jake spent his summers as a teenager working on his brother-in-law’s farm in Washington and told the girls he was preparing them early to go work there. They were unexpectedly excited about the prospect!

Enthusiastic farmer girls!

After all that excitement, we didn’t have any energy left to actually pick out any pumpkins. Alas, we remain pumpkin-less a week before Halloween. These two little cuties are all the Halloween decoration we need!

Lots of love,


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  1. Adorable!! I love all of these pictures.