Off With Her Helmet!

Last Thursday was Samantha’s last day wearing her helmet. It was hard to believe it had already been eight weeks! Time flew by so fast that I still have a bag of stickers and rhinestones from Michael’s I was going to use to decorate her helmet after we painted it sitting unused in the office! Oops…never got around to that! Anyway, even though I felt so horrible for her those first few weeks, Samantha never really seemed to mind her helmet…it really wasn’t that bad.
On Monday, we went to our last appointment to see how Samantha’s head was doing with the helmet off and to take some final measurements. After seeing the before and after pictures, it was obvious that the change in her head shape was pretty substantial. Although Samantha will always have kind of a square-shaped head due to her bone structure, her head has lengthened and she doesn’t have a huge flat spot anymore. The clinician said Samantha’s progress was fantastic!
As you can see, Samantha was excited to graduate.
To celebrate, the girls and I played at the park, helmet-free.


Wow! My head is so much easier to lift now! And I can see!


Hey sister! I have a secret for you!
Love you sis!


Amelia had grown pretty used to slapping, pulling and biting Samantha’s helmet and was clearly confused as to where the helmet had gone.


Yay! I can bite your hair now!


Tee hee.


What’s that green stuff?


I’ll pull up the blanket and you touch the grass!


I want it!



20 minutes later and still fascinated with the grass.


Happy girls.


So, how was your day?


Spontaneous wrestling match!




Grab! Kick! Pinch!




Samantha is still getting used to the fact that she doesn’t have an advantage in wrestling anymore without her helmet!
Lots of love,



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  1. Congrats Samantha!!