A few weeks ago, I was brushing my teeth and getting ready for bed when I heard Samantha make noises in her sleep. Jake and I perked up our ears, waiting nervously to hear if she was just talking in her sleep or waking up. All of a sudden, Samantha let out a piercing wail, crying, “MAMAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!” That was it. She was totally asleep and had said her first word! Jake was totally in denial and claimed that he couldn’t discern if she had actually said “Mama” or just “Ma” and then “Ahhhh,” but to me, it was crystal clear.

“Mamaaaaaaaa, get these carrots off my face!”

Over the new few weeks, Samantha has started to say “Mama” more consistently throughout the day. When I repeat it back to her, she’ll stop whatever she’s doing at the moment (usually drooling, stealing a toy from Amelia or concentrating on scooting backwards), and will stare at me, smiling in fascination. Lately, if I put her down and grab Amelia, or leave her alone in the room while I run and grab something, she will start yelling it until I return and pick her up. Even my helper during the day time, Ana, has noticed Samantha’s penchant for the word mama!

Amelia started saying “mama” this past weekend and can’t stop! It’s almost as if it’s the only word she knows…ha. She will babble “mama” over and over again when she wants to be picked up or if she’s left alone with her older sister, although I’m not sure she knows the meaning of it since she’ll also say it if she wants her bottle. So I guess they think it means “me” or  “food”….so glad that same value level as food.

So far “mama” 2 for 2 and “dada” 0 for 2.

Samantha scoots backwards into the abyss. 
You’re going the wrong way, Samantha!
“Mamaaaaaaa help me!”

Lots of love,

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  1. We'll be working on "Grandma" next week.