Hallelujah, Grandma (and everyone else) is here!

Grandma couldn’t stand one more second of being away from Samantha and Amelia, so she flew in from Utah Friday morning. I had my list of projects to accomplish while she was here all ready to go and prepared for a week of stay-at-home vacationing!
Yay! Grandma’s here!
Woo hoo!
Grandpa and Aunt Sarah decided they couldn’t stand being away from the twins either, so they drove in from Utah Saturday afternoon! Great Grandpa came over too…the girls couldn’t contain their excitement over all their favorite people coming to play with them at the same time!
Yay! More people to adore us!
Saturday, I took advantage of family being unwilling to let go of the girls for one second and went out with the girls’ Aunties Debi, Venus and Rachel for some twin-free time at the OC Mix in Costa Mesa. Wow, has the area become quite the hipster mecca since we used to live in CM! We enjoyed a delectable lunch and Greenworks and then browsed the shops, swooning over all the baby boutiques. They had to physically restrain me from buying every adorable outfit (baby ponchos…need I say more?) Venus (also a mommy of twins) had some great advice for me. She always used to repeat the mantra “ALL baby clothes are cute,” when she was tempted to splurge on some random baby item. If all baby clothes are cute, you don’t need to buy THAT outfit right that second, because you are bound to come across something just as cute sooner or later. 
Most of the shops we browsed were filled with home decor and clothing I could only dream of owning, but it was fun to shop anyway! Our favorite was this restaurant supply warehouse, Surface….nerdy, I know!
The cupcake flavoring aisle. 

The sprinkle aisle. I was in heaven!

Just when the girls thought their weekend couldn’t get any more exciting, Great Aunt Linda and Great Uncle David came to visit!  Samantha and Amelia were thrilled to show off their cute Angels baseball rompers that they had given them!

“Great Uncle David, you are fascinating,” said Samantha. 

Go Angels!

Sunday evening, Samantha and Amelia barbecued some delicious fish at Great Auntie Lynn and Uncle Steve’s, but decided to leave early since they had such a busy day of playing and visiting with their admirers. 
Even though the girls’ routines were pretty much the same this weekend, it was all so much easier with help! 
Amelia in a box. We love visitors!

Lots of love,


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