Flapper Twins

Since I didn’t take any official photos when Samantha and Amelia turned 7 months a few weeks ago, my mom and I took some pictures of the girls in their rompers while she was here last week. As if I needed anymore pictures. I consider dressing them up and taking photos as my reward for carrying them around inside me for eight months.
Amelia was a little pill and would hardly crack a smile for us!


After jumping up and down, making crazy noises, waving the Kindle around and singing, we finally got Amelia to smile!


We decided to move locations to the living room after Amelia fell back and hit her head on the dresser


Finally some smiles!




It don’t mean a thing…


If it ain’t got that swing!


Whoa! Look at that crazy grandma dancing around!


Sisterly love.


Samantha’s standard “I’m ready for my close-up” pose.


The cuter we act, the sooner this will be all over!


 My cheeks are hurting!
My hand is too fat to fit in my mouth!


A few of many outtakes:


 Crawling away!


We really need a minimum of four people to help out with the girls’ pictures next time… one to take the pictures, one to mop up drool, one to sit them back up when they start to crawl away, and one person to dance around and get them to smile!

Miss Grumpy Samantha.

No Amelia! I’m not letting you leave!

Get out of my way! I’m the star!


Oh my goodness! This is all so exciting!


C’mere little doggie!


I need to keep a leash on you!


Mammmaaaaaaaaa! Help meeeeeee!
A photo shoot isn’t complete without Amelia bawling her head off!

Lots of love,


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  1. I LOVE all these they look so adorable love the outfits too!