Fall and Football

Even though we don’t really have any leaves changing color, we do have football and cooler temperatures (and by cooler, I mean 70-75 degree weather) to signal the beginning of Fall! We couldn’t resist making some pumpkin pies, watching football and enjoying the autumn weather this weekend.

Lil’ Ute. 
We walked on the trail out back in the morning and Samantha was so relaxed, she fell right to sleep!

Samantha and Amelia were really confident the Utes would perform a miracle and beat Stanford…and THEY DID! The girls were on pins and needles during the entire game, all the way up through the huge stop at the Utes’ end-zone in the final minute. Good luck charms? I think so.

“I can’t watch! Too nerve-wracking!”

“Dres! Dres! Dres! Wilson! Wilson! Wilson!” the girls chanted throughout the game.

Go Utes and Happy Fall!

Lots of love,

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