Amelia has a tooth!

Last night, we discovered that Amelia has her first tooth poking through! Both girls have been drooling excessively and chewing on anything they can get their hands on for months now, and I kept thinking a tooth was going to pop up any day, but it never did…until now! Amelia is very proud of her brand new mandibular central incisor, and even more proud that she finally beat Samantha at something!

I’m a toothy girl!

Amelia has been about two weeks behind Samantha in just about everything since she was just a little fetus. At each ultrasound, Twin B was consistently two weeks behind in weight and development and since birth, she’s been about two weeks behind in motor skills. When Samantha started swatting at toys, Amelia was right behind her; when Samantha began sitting up, Amelia followed a few weeks later. No sign of a tooth for Samantha though…Amelia finally beat her to the chase.

I am the champion, my frie-ends!


No wonder Amelia has been begging for her mesh feeder with frozen baby food the past week. It’s probably soothing on those little gums of hers.

I’ve been making batches of baby food periodically and am amassing quite the stash. $1.49 bag of peeled and cut organic carrots from Trader Joe’s = 16 one ounce portions of baby food, Pears and apples are equally cheap at Trader Joe’s…a two-pound bag of apples cost $2.49 and a two-pound bag of pears cost $2.29, with each bag making almost thirty portions.


MOOOOOMMMMM, I’m out of pear!


That’s more like it.

In other news, the girls have been learning to use a sippy cup with water the past few weeks. I don’t think any children could be more excited about drinking water than the twins. They start flapping their arms and grunting every time I get the cups out.


Just a girl and her sippy. Nothing to see here.


Watching Bandit protect us from children walking on the trail out back.


Mastering the art of the sippy is a work in progress.

Update on Samantha: Amelia was her jolly little self today, while Samantha was lethargic and out of sorts. In addition to her wet cough and noisy breathing, she seemed more tired and wasn’t as interested in playing or laughing like she normally is. I wanted to make sure she would be ok through the night, and was concerned about her noisy breathing and wheezing, so when Jake got home, we called our ped (bonus points that after hours, our call when straight to her cell and she picked up on the second ring) who advised us to go in to the after-hours clinic. Jake took Samantha for a little daddy-daughter date, while Amelia and I had mommy-daughter time at home. Our bedtime ritual was infinitely easier with just Amelia; it was so nice to be done after just one bath, pajamas, story, bottle and rocking to sleep.

Stoked about staying up way past her bed time, Samantha was smiley and giggly when she got home with Jake…probably the best mood she had been in all day. Apparently, Samantha was playful and happy the whole time at the doctor (WHY were you so cranky today, then, Samantha?!) and the staff had a hard time believing she was sick. Her lungs, ears and throat checked out just fine and the doc said she sounded really stuffy, but no fluid in her lungs or chest congestion like I had thought. She told Jake to watch for Samantha’s croup at night, but other than that, it seems like she just has a cold. After an afternoon of freaking out while reading up on acute epiglottis and pneumonia, the peace of mind the trip to the doc gave me was worth it.

This weekend, after selling my beloved Snap n Go Double Stroller to a cute couple who just had twins, our walks have been considerably less convenient. Today, I strapped Amelia in the bjorn, stuck Samantha in the umbrella stroller and walked the girls, plus Bandit, around the neighborhood. I was really missing the double stroller by the time we got home! The girls are getting too big for their car seats (whichever twin is in the back of the stroller has scrunched feet/legs the whole time from the car seat in front of her because her legs are so long), so I put the seats, plus the stroller on Craig’s List and definitely didn’t anticipate the stroller selling that fast.  I’ve been in talks with a lady in L.A. who is selling her brand new Baby Jogger Summit X3 Double for $150 less than retail, so we will see if that pans out. I’m dying to get it, but don’t have the time to drive up there this week, so it may have to wait. I miss you dearly Double Snap n Go!

Lots of love,

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  1. Go Amelia! And I'm so impressed with all the food you've made, awesome!