Water Babies

We normally bathe Samantha and Amelia separately in their pink infant bath tub, but both girls are way too long for it now, so this weekend, we tried bathing them together! It was a hit and it also saved a ton of time not having to refill the tub for the second baby.

Since the girls enjoyed their joint bath so much, we decided to take them to our neighborhood pool for the first time. Our previous attempts with our kiddie pool and the community water park did not go over well, so we waited until the conditions were ideal…not an easy task with twins! Saturday ended up being the perfect pool day… 85 degrees, no one there, plenty of shade, and we took the girls after a nap and afternoon snack in order to minimize potential crankiness.

Samantha didn’t know quite how to react when we told her we were going swimming. 

Amelia, on the other hand, could hardly contain herself!
Amelia dips her toes in. 

Amelia was a natural in the water and loved practicing her synchronized swimming routine. 
Samantha was a little apprehensive at first. 
And grumpy. 
Hold me, Daddy!
Once I took her around to explore, she was a little bit happier. 
It wasn’t until we gave her some toys and her floatie that Samantha really started enjoying herself. 

Amelia could have lounged all day in this thing. 

Samantha’s favorite part was relaxing in her floatie and floating on her back as Daddy held her. She giggled as she floated in circles around and around.
I really wish I had one of these floatie things for myself. Looks relaxing!

Bumper boats!

Off to the “deep” end!

Amelia attack!

Daddy’s girls. 

He is soooo wrapped around their fingers!

Now that we’ve had so much success with the pool, I don’t want the weather to cool off anymore! Summer is officially back!

Lots of love,


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  1. Those floaties are amazing! I totally wish I had one for myself too!