Tug of War

Lately, Samantha and Amelia have begun experimenting with the ancient art of stealing toys from your playmate, or in this case, twin. It’s the classic case of “I want whatever toy you are currently playing with, regardless of what it is or if I’m playing with something super cool at the moment.” Yesterday morning, I watched Samantha wake up, look at her sister sleeping next to her, and then deliberately reach out to grab her pacifier. When she realized Amelia didn’t really care if her pacifier was missing, Samantha proceeded to tug at her sister’s sleep sack as if to wake her up. Silly girl!
Today, Samantha was perfectly happy playing with her own toys, when she noticed Amelia playing with my camera. Instantly, Samantha threw herself on her tummy and scooted toward Amelia’s discovery. As soon as I gave Amelia a different toy, it was the same thing all over again. I wonder if this concept will transfer to food…it would be awesome if I only had to get one twin to like brussels  sprouts, for example, and then the other twin became interested, if only because her sister was eating them. Or what about potty training? Homework?  I’m all about doing half the work…let the manipulation begin bwahahaha!
Last week, I witnessed the girls’ first game of tug of war. 

Samantha’s two-pound advantage didn’t really bode well for Amelia’s chances. 

Amelia was a pretty good sport about the whole thing. I mean, how can you really compete with a girl who wears a helmet and has the chunk of a linebacker? 

And we’re already bored again. 

Lots of love, 


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  1. I just love your posts! Too funny, looks like some good manipulation times ahead!

  2. I LOVE it they will be giving you lots of trouble for sure, but they are too cute and at least they will ALWAYS have a playmate:)