Six Month Photos

 After five attempts at scheduling a time for the girls to get their photos taken, the girls finally synced their schedules enough that I could bring them in at the same time. As you will recall, the last time the girls had their photos taken at the store, a few days ago, we didn’t get any decent pictures of Amelia because she refused to be put down at all. On the second try, Amelia was a little bit more cooperative, while Samantha was pretty cranky, which was ok, since we already had some individual shots of her from the previous day. It was a miracle we got any cute pictures of the girls together at all!

Overall, our experience at Buy Buy Baby was probably not the ideal birthday activity for the girls. Between constantly juggling the twins, trying to keep them happy and being forced to listen to the photographer scream obnoxiously in a high, shrill voice, “Look at meeeeee, babies!!!” for an hour, we were more than ready to kill ourselves by the time it was over. I think Jake’s exact words were, “I want to take a sharpened pencil and jam one in each ear.”  Therefore, I decided to forgo an outfit change I had planned for the girls and call it good.

On top of dealing with the annoying photographer, she made us sit through her sales spiel (“And for only $895, you can get 25 gooooorgeous 16x20s of your favorite pose, plus 85 wallet sized portraits and a framed montage!”), even though I had announced at the beginning that I was sure all I wanted was the CD with the pictures on it so I could print them myself. Samantha and Amelia’s eyes had started to glaze over throughout all this and Jake and I were anxious to get out of there…it was like holding two ticking time bombs. You’d think people who work with babies and kids ALL the time would understand that parents NEED to get out of there as quickly as possible before those bombs go off.

In the end, I’m grateful the photographer finally got some good shots so that we NEVER have to go back!

Miss Samantha. I’m ready for my close up!

I needed a picture of her ankle rolls. 


You want me to play with my feet for this shot? No prob!

  Looking mischievous…mischievously cute, that is!

Whoa there!
What a Gerber baby. 
Samantha really loved being in the bath. 

 Amelia: 2nd attempt. 
Miss blue eyes.
Both of them together! It’s a miracle!

Hey! This is kinda fun!
This is my contemplation pose. 

Looking chubby!

Splish splash, Amelia’s in her bath!

  In the bath WITH Samantha? Not cool, guys. 

 About half way through the bath tub pictures, they started hitting each other. 

Ooooh! A distraction!

So THAT’S what cherries taste like!
Mom! Amelia’s annoying me!
Close-up of Samantha. 
Close up of Amelia. 

Lots of love,


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  1. I LOVE all the pics they are too cute! Love the cute outfits too! You never know how babies will be for photo shoots, or how they will be for anything haha! Glad you got some good pics!:)

  2. Adorable! I think they turned out great.