Presents and Playdates

Samantha and Amelia must take after me, because they just adore getting things in the mail. A package from Amazon filled with diapers, wipes, bottle liners,  or random crap I find online (“WHY do we need pacifier wipes, nursery wipes, hand wipes and teething rings shaped like car keys?” -text from Jake) arrives pretty much daily, so the girls are used to me opening packages in front of them. Last friday, two packages arrived– one from Jake’s sister, Valisa, which contained some cute books, and a package from Grandma which included TONS of clothes. Let’s just say the girls’ spring and summer 2014 wardrobes are pretty much set.

Obviously, the girls wanted to try everything on.
 These berets and cherry necklaces from Grandma scream photo shoot! Can’t wait!

Over the weekend, the girls’ social calendar was pretty booked. We visited my teacher friends, Janet and Katie (who is pregnant with twin girls!), the girls’ toddler friends, Kennedy and Sebastian, up in Newport Beach, and had a play date with Maliyah at her house. Samantha and Amelia were pretty excited to play with Maliyah’s toys and found the whole thing extremely entertaining. “This is is SOOOOO much more fun than our house!” the girls exclaimed.

Slobbering over all the toys is a sign of respect in some cultures. 

Amelia tests out the quality of Maliyah’s blanket. 

“What do you mean you’ve never tried someone else’s foot, Maliyah?! It’s delicious!”

While there, Maliyah’s mom, Jodi, measured Samantha and Amelia’s feet so she could make them some cute barefoot sandals. She put them together right then and there for us and they turned out so adorbs! Samantha and Amelia were wishing I was that talented! 

I am officially obsessed with these shoes. The possibilities for seasonal sandals (think Halloween sandals, Thanksgiving sandals, Christmas sandals…) are endless!

Guess whose juicy leg rolls those are!

Besides looking fashionable, another plus is that the sandals give Samantha something to play with. Being fascinated with her feet anyways, the sandals added a whole new dimension to her wonderment.

We pretty much gave up on getting a picture where all three girls were looking at the camera and smiling, despite my rousing rendition of “Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes” and four of us adults waving and clapping our hands at them.

The girls were definitely spoiled this weekend!

Lots of love,


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  1. Cute pics i cant believe all the hair that baby has so cute! Ya i love all the barefoot sandals i have a supply for Chloee haha! Celeste made me laugh when i had a pair on Chloee she thought they were useless but they are cute and fashionable haha!