Oh Come Let Us Adore Them

While Jake was hiking in the High Sierras with the scouts…
The girls were entertaining visitors from far and wide at Grandma and Grandpa’s house in Utah. The whole week, visitors bearing gold, frankincense, and myrrh coordinating outfits and toys, flocked to the house to see Samantha and Amelia. Among the girls’ admirers were neighbors, Michelle and Rochelle Stewart (who is due in a few weeks with a girl of her own!), family friends, Tom and Sally Sullivan, family friend, Steve Richman, and three kings who followed a bright star shining in the East…wait…wrong baby! The girls also visited our neighbor, Sandy, who has cut my hair since I was a little girl. Sandy has twins of her own (in college now!) and while she was cutting my hair, gave me lots of great “twin tips!” 
Of course, Grandpa and Grandma had dibs on holding the girls the majority of the time. 

Samantha with Grandpa and Amelia with Grandma. Their cute Nordstrom outfits were gifted from the Sullivans. 

The first few days were rough as the girls adapted to their new environment. They got super cranky at night unless they were put to bed at 6:00 p.m. I wouldn’t have complained about the early bed time, except that it also meant they were up at 1 a.m….and 2 a.m….and 3 a.m. Lucky Jake. I almost wished I was in his place, sleeping on the ground, huddled in a tent with a dozen stinky scouts taking shelter from a freak hail storm. Almost. 

As usual, Bandit found the comfiest spot in the house on which to lounge. 

After scratching up two screen doors, Bandit learned how to jump up by the kitchen window to make us feel guilty/annoyed enough to let him in. It worked. 

The girls’ official photographer, Aunt Sarah, took a few days off work to come and play hold screaming babies with me. Actually, the girls were the best they had been the whole trip when Sarah was around. I think it must be the linguistics expert in her that fascinates the girls!

The girls found Sarah’s Amish boyfriend, Mike, very entertaining. Just kidding. He’s not Amish….just grew out his beard for a year for a bet. I’m sure Sarah’s glad the year is almost up! The girls definitely enjoyed pulling on it though!
Mike was great with the girls!

The girls were so tired when we took this photo!

The girls’ favorite thing to do on the trip was sit outside on the deck and watch Bandit and his doggie cousin, Roger, play tug of war and do tricks. And by tricks, I mean sitting, doing doggie yoga, and just lying there, slobbering. 
The girls also enjoyed simply hanging out with each other. That’s the great thing about twins–they will always have a little companion to play with…

…And someone to torture. 

Uncle Mike and his girlfriend, Shannon. Shannon was nice enough to spend her last few days before going on her mission to California to help me with the girls. She always seemed to come over right when they were melting down, but she took it all in stride and was a huge help!
Good family friend, Steve, with Samantha and Amelia. Our family goes waaaaaay back with Steve!

One of the highlights of our trip was visiting Grandma Whitehead, Uncle Andrew, Aunt Heather and Cousin Chloee! Samantha and Amelia had seen pictures of Chloee on Facebook, but were so excited to finally meet their cousin in person! Even though Chloee is a month older than the twins, she looked like a dainty little thing compared to the two of them! Chloee was such a social butterfly and the three cousins looked so cute together!
We didn’t manage to get a picture with all three of them smiling. But we did get a lot of hilarious ones!
Chloee was fascinated by Amelia’s bow. 
Maybe a little too fascinated.
Next, Chloee turned her attention toward Samantha. 
And then back to Amelia. 
The twins finally had enough. 
C’mon, sister!

Let’s tackle her!


Poor Chloee!

Not a very nice thing to do after Chloee had just given them a bunch of cute outfits!

What? I’m innocent! It was all Amelia’s idea!

Partners in crime. I really hope Chloee will invite the girls back to play again next time!

Lots of love, 

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