Gymnast Amelia

On Labor Day, the girls’ Great Auntie Lynn sent me a cryptic text explaining that she had a crazy dream involving Amelia and gymnastics to tell me! We waited all day to hear about it until we went over to her house for a barbecue. The suspense was killing Amelia! 
In Great Auntie Lynn’s dream, she was sitting on her lounge sofa with Amelia, when all of sudden, Amelia bent backwards, did a back flip in the air, landed on her feet and threw her arms straight up in the air like a gymnast! She kept back flipping over and over again.
 In the next part of the dream, Great Auntie Lynn was at her high school gym and it was so crowded, she couldn’t even get in the door. There were cameras and news crews everywhere. Inside, Amelia was performing her back flips for a crowd. The news reported that no one could figure out how a five month old baby could land on her feet, not to mention do a back flip. Apparently, Amelia was the youngest person in history to ever receive a perfect “10” for a back flip and everyone was going crazy over her. The sad part was that Samantha tried to do a back flip as well, but couldn’t do it. Poor Samantha!
I guess we need to enroll Amelia in gymnastics ASAP!
Great Grandpa was also in attendance at the barbecue. He recently had eye surgery and it’s weird not seeing him with glasses anymore!
Cousin Ben and Great Grandpa with the girls. Samantha looks like she heard about the dream and is trying to do a back flip of her own. 
Great Auntie Lynn with Olympic gymnast, Amelia. 
Today, Samantha had her weekly helmet adjustment appointment. I’ve been really concerned that Samantha’s head hasn’t been making progress because it hasn’t looked any rounder to me lately. At today’s appointment, the clinician re-scanned Samantha’s head and then compared it to her scan one month ago. 
Wow! I guess it really is working!

These scans are kind of freaky looking to me!

The clinician also said Samantha’s head is growing so rapidly and re-shaping so well, that she will probably only need to have her helmet for another 3-4 weeks! Yay! The helmet doesn’t really seem to bother Samantha now days, but I will definitely be glad to get it off her so I can snuggle her beautiful head again!
Lots of love, 


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