First Sweet Potatoes

Over the weekend, the girls tried real solid foods for the “first time.” I had the girls’ spoons, bibs, and high chairs all ready to go and was so excited to prepare some sweet potatoes for the girls’ first taste. “I can’t believe they will be trying their first food!” I exclaimed, excitedly.
“Ummm…yeah…” said Jake, guiltily. “This technically won’t be their first food…”
Apparently, Jake had given the girls a taste of pear and watermelon last week without my authorization, and, not surprisingly, they loved it. GRRRRR!
“I was eating some fruit and they looked interested, so I gave them a lick,” he explained.
Oh well. I’m just going to pretend that didn’t happen, and put sweet potatoes down as their first food. I’m not counting the rice cereal they had last week as a first food either because it has no nutritional value and they hated it!
I haven’t bought a baby food maker yet (one that will steam and puree fruits and veggies), so I just stuck a sweet potato in the oven, mixed it with some breast milk and mashed it up for the girls. Easy peasy. I’m looking at buying the Cuisinart Baby Food Maker, but I’m going to hold off until I see how the whole eating thing goes and how long it takes to prepare the food. Right now, they are eating so little that it’s super easy to prepare their veggies myself.
Samantha has been super interested in everything we eat since she was about four months old. She’ll lick her lips and watch like a hawk as our forks go from the plate into our mouths. She seemed excited to try her sweet potato!


First taste.

Hmmmmm….interesting consistency….pretty bland taste-wise…

Blech!! What is this stuff?


You seriously expect me to eat this?
After a few more bites, she kept spitting out the sweet potato and then completely melted down. She had had a bottle about an hour prior, so I didn’t think she’d be starving, but I guess I was wrong! We will have to work on the timing with her. I’m really surprised she didn’t enjoy her first bites more…I definitely expected her to love it!
Samantha was pretty content just playing after that.
Amelia’s turn!

I like it!

Give me more!


Amelia loved grabbing her spoon and smearing the sweet potato all over her mouth, face, ears, high chair, etc.




Then, she grabbed the bowl so that she could really dive in.

Nom nom.

While Amelia was pigging out, Samantha enjoyed playing with her empty spoon.
Sweet potatoes, day two. “I can’t believe I’ve waited five and a half months for THIS!” said Samantha.
I’m not sure how much of the sweet potato actually ended up in Amelia’s stomach, but she sure had a good time.
The biggest winner in all of this was Bandit. As soon as he figured out the girls could fling their food around the room, he was right there where all the action was happening. I think he’s found a couple of new best friends!
Lots of love,

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