First Holy War

Samantha and Amelia have been talking about the Utah/BYU game for months now and they were so excited to wear their Utes gear all day Saturday!
Passing time before kick-off!

Finally, the wretchedly hot weather cooled down enough that we could actually eat outside on the patio.

Amelia enjoys her pre-game carrots. 

This is what you call a tail-gate party?

Samantha was super careful not to get any food on her Utes bow!

We were invited over to friend’s house to watch the game, but unfortunately, Samantha and Amelia had been so geared up, that they were pooped by the time the game started. Instead of letting them stay up to watch the Utes play, we put the girls to bed and they missed the whole thing! 
As soon as they woke up, they pleaded with us to recap all the details of the game and, while heartbroken they hadn’t been able to watch their first Holy War, were ecstatic that the Utes won. 
Samantha back in August. Go Utes! 
Samantha and Amelia were so excited that they begged to wear their Utes dresses again the next day to church, even though we warned them that there would be many BYU fans there who didn’t want to be reminded about their loss. They wore them anyway. 
BYU fans’ reaction when reminded about the previous night: 
The girls enjoyed gloating almost as much as their Daddy!
Lots of love,


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