First Avocados!

After three days of sweet potatoes, the girls were understandably ready to try something new. I decided upon the almighty avocado as their next adventure.
While Samantha didn’t seem to care for sweet potatoes, she absolutely loved her first avocado. After her first bite, her eyes lit up with joy and she started grabbing for her spoon. Whenever I gave a spoonful to Amelia, Samantha would watch with disdain and start to whine until she got another bite.


She melted down shortly thereafter, but at least she got a few good spoonfuls in.

Amelia enjoyed her avocado so much, she decided to feed herself.

Avocado smeared all over you is such a hot trend right now.
Didn’t your mother teach you not to play with your food?


Between the girls’ daily solid meal and their drool, I’m going through an average of 30 bibs a day and at least three outfit changes. For today’s feeding, I decided to save some laundry and strip them down with a bib on over their bare chests. No mess on their clothes, although it took a ridiculous amount of wipes to get them clean. The girls loved every second of it!
Lots of love,

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