Even More Utah Photos

At the end of our trip to Utah, just when the girls thought they couldn’t handle any more photos, Aunt Sarah took EVEN MORE pictures. “YAY! MORE CUTE PICTURES” everyone said. “NOOOOOOOO!” said Samantha and Amelia. They were pretty good sports, nonetheless.
“Let’s just get this over with,” sighed Samantha. 

Amelia wasn’t even aware we were taking pictures most of the time. 
Garden party. 

It’s really hard to snap one where both girls are smiling in the right direction, without drool running down their faces, etc. I like Samantha in this one…

…And Amelia in this one. 


Samantha’s progression down to looking at a flower. 

See what I mean about the drool? 

I like Amelia’s face in this one..

…and Samantha’s face in this one. Maybe there’s someway to photoshop it so both girls are smiling at the camera!


So over it. 

A second wind!

Yup. This is the same picture in color. 
Suddenly afraid for some unknown reason!

So frightened!
I’m the baby!
Gotta love me!
Big blue eyes!

I’m super cuddly!

And that was our trip! Lots of visitors, pictures, walks on the trail, barbecues and shopping! The week flew by and although it might take us a while to recover from the drive, the girls can’t wait to come back soon!
Lots of love, 

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