Avocado Encore and Grand Premier of Squash

Avocado remains the top contender for the girls’ favorite food so far. I guess when you’ve only tried three foods in your life, there’s not too much competition.

After gorging herself on avocado, Samantha grabbed my phone and started taking self-portraits.


Amelia’s turn. Check it yo.


I don’t always eat avocado. But when I do, I make sure it gets all over my eyebrows and inside my nostrils.


Don’t take my phone away!

After a few days of avocado, it was time for squash. Daddy picked out the best-looking butternut squash at the store and we even made a little side dish for ourselves before pureeing some for the girls. At first, they seemed to really like it.


…although their penchant for plastic bowls and rings doesn’t really set the taste standard too high.


As the meal went on, Amelia was decidedly less enthused with her squash.




She seemed confused the whole time, as if she couldn’t figure out why sometimes when she opened her mouth she got avocado, sometimes squash, and other times her own fingers, an empty spoon, or Samantha’s foot.

Each time I fed Amelia a spoonful, Samantha watched in fear while making this weird, guttural grunting noise. “I WANT MORE!” she pouted every time she watched her sister eat.

When all was said and done, squash got a mediocre review by both girls. Today, I noticed their eyes were watery and they seemed fussier than normal…I’m not sure if they’re allergic to the squash or if some other kind of allergen is bothering them. Squash has officially been, well, squashed. Moving on to the next veggie!
Lots of love,

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  1. I see you've resorted to naked eating and double bibbing. Good strategy!