6 Months

Yesterday was Samantha and Amelia’s 6 Month Birthday. If the next six months fly by as quickly as the first six months did, I am definitely going to have to start planning their one year birthday party NOW. It’s amazing to me how much the girls have grown and how little of the past six months I actually remember. I’m just glad I’ve made it this far alive!

Six months ago, Jake wheeled me into the hospital for my scheduled induction, not knowing if we would meet the girls that night…or the next day…or the next.

Six months ago, I ended up getting a c-section after spending all night wide awake, uncomfortable, and not dilating more than a few centimeters!

Six months ago, we heard Samantha let out her banshee wail for the first time, followed by a much quieter Amelia two minutes later.

Six months ago, Samantha weighed 6 pounds, 9 ounces and was 18.5 inches long while Amelia weighed 5 pounds, 8 ounces, and was 17.5 inches long.

Six months ago, the crew of nurses (four per baby and fifteen medical professionals in the OR!) held two babies up to my face for a kiss before whisking them off to be poked, prodded, and measured.

Six months ago, the girls spent their first thirty minutes with their Daddy while I was being sewn up.

Six months ago, I got to cuddle Samantha and Amelia for the first time as I was wheeled into the recovery room.

Six months ago, I pressed the button in the hospital hallway that played Brahm’s Lullaby throughout the hospital (twice!), announcing that two babies had been born.

Six months ago began an insane blur of sleepless nights, nursing, pumping, bottle feeding, diaper changing, swaddling, rocking, and general craziness times two.

Six months ago, Jake and I fell totally in love with two helpless little creatures.

Six. Months.

It seems so long ago, yet it’s gone by so fast. I can’t remember what life was like before the girls were born! Six months ago, I remember thinking we would never get to this point and how far away two, three, four, five, six months seemed. I’m sure I’ll feel the same way when the girls turn one…

…on their first day of kindergarten

…when they get their driver’s licenses

…when they graduate college

Sob and sniff! Alright, I’m going to start crying, so let’s move on to some pictures!

For the girls’ six month birthday, I wanted to get some professional photos taken. We are getting family pictures taken in October, but I didn’t want to wait until then to take some pictures of the girls, so I ran into the little photo studio at our local Buy Buy Baby. Yay for coupons!

Amelia really wanted to pick out what outfit she should wear for her photos and begged me to be able to wear her beret, jean dress and cherry necklace (thanks, Grandma!).  Too bad the dress and beret were a little too big…hopefully next month they will fit better for photos!

These outfits ended up being a little too big as well, but they’re still cute! 

It’s a good thing I got at least one picture of the girls together on their actual birthday. At the photo place, Samantha was soaking up all the attention and giggled throughout two outfit changes and multiple props and poses. She was such an attention hog! 

As soon as I tried to put Amelia down, however, she started bawling uncontrollably, kind of like when my sister tried to take her photos in Utah. I’m starting to see a pattern! As soon as I picked her up, she was still sniffling, but stopped crying; she just refused to be put down under any circumstance. The photographer wasn’t able to get a single picture of her with so much as a neutral face, so we had to re-schedule for Friday. Getting them out the door, changing their outfits, and dancing around to get them to smile was exhausting enough, so I’m not looking forward to going back. Maybe I’ll just pretend I have one child, pay for Samantha’s pictures, and move on. 

To the girls’ dismay, I fed them peas for the first time on their birthday. PEAS. ON THEIR HALF BIRTHDAY. I know. I’m a horrible person.  Amelia was none too pleased to have to eat peas on her big day, so I’m sure that’s why she was fussy. For some reason, the peas made the girls really gassy and miserable all night. We won’t try peas again for a while. 

Gotta get the classic finger in mouth pose, obviously. 

The girls were pretty exhausted after their trip to the photo studio, so they chilled on the bed for a while until it was time for our walk. 
Target identified. 


Ok, get me outta here!

LIFE’S NOT FAIR!!!! (Note a giggling Amelia in the background!)

Here’s to another six months of torturing your sister!

Lots of love,


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  1. Wow!! Can't believe how time flies! The pictures are so great. And I love that they play Brahm's lullaby in the hospital when a baby is born!

  2. Amelia looks like a little French baby in her beret! Joli bébé!