Before this past month, Amelia and Samantha were pretty indifferent to toys, but have recently taken more of an interest as they’ve gotten stronger on their tummies and sitting up. Here are some of their current favorites: 
Amelia figures out what to do with one of her crinkly blocks. 

Samantha loves to swat and play with anything with dangly legs, such as this monkey: 


Random objects make the best toys, especially the ones that are free. Among the girls’ favorites: hats, fruit, paper towels, and the brown crinkly paper that comes in boxes.

Samantha playing with her “Ipod” (take-along tunes toy). This is one of the few musical toys I can tolerate since it plays classical. 

Rattles and anything that rolls usually buy me about 4.5 minutes to get something done.

The other day, I found a website that had all kinds of fun ideas of ways to play with babies (thank you, Pinterest!), and one of the tutorials was on how to make “sensory bags.” For this one, all I did was add two bottles of blue hair gel into a large Ziploc freezer bag. Then, I added all sorts of random toys from the dollar store– ping pong balls, squishy frogs, foam suns and smiley faces. I then sealed all the edges with some cute pink duct tape. The result was essentially a squishy bag full of gel that felt cool. 
Samantha and Amelia like to squish their hands in it and look at the colorful objects inside…I think I like feeling it almost as much as they do! I also made a sensory bag using a cheap sandwich bag, shaving cream and food coloring, but I put too much of the cream in and it burst (when I was playing with it thankfully, not the girls). I definitely recommend using heavy-duty freezer bags for these projects.

It’s always playtime over here at Casa Whitehead…except for the times we napping, crying, diapering, eating, bathing, and trying not to go crazy, of course.

Fights are pretty much inevitable when you’ve got two babies and only one toy within reach.
Exhibit A:


Exhibits B and C:



The first of many more fights to come, I’m sure.

Lots of love,


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