Countdown to Helmet

 After talking it over with our pediatrician, we decided to go ahead and get the DOC Band to correct the flat spot on Samantha’s head. Basically, it’s always a possibility that it would correct on its own, but if we take that chance and can’t do anything about it later on when her head isn’t growing as fast, we would always regret it.

People apparently like to decorate the bands to make them look less medical-ly, so hopefully we can find a way to make Samantha’s look cute since she’ll have to wear it pretty much 24/7 for the next few

Poor Samantha. Her noggin’s last week of freedom! 

Chillin’ in the Boppy. 
Waddya lookin’ at me for?

Tummy time with babies and Bandit!

 Speaking of Bandit, he’s seriously the best. Today, the girls were both taking turns screaming and nothing seemed to calm them down. I was ready to give up and drown them out with some Baby Einstein, when in walked Bandit. He sat in front of my rocking chair and immediately, both girls went silent. As Samantha and Amelia stared at him intently, I had Bandit do some tricks over and over again (Sit. Lay down. Go to your mat. Roll over. Shake. Yoga. Touch. Repeat.), which kept the girls engaged, and even giggling, for a solid twenty minutes.  Then, pooped from all that laughing, they finally conked out. It was nothing short of a miracle. Girls were happy, I was happy and Bandit, belly full of treats, was happy too. A win for everyone! 
Maybe I’ll keep the stair gate unlocked for you more often when the babies are playing, Bandit!
Lots of love,

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