Amelia’s Utah Photos

Remember when Amelia threw a fit while Aunt Sarah was taking photos of the twins last week in Utah? We were really worried that Amelia was secretly a BYU fan and were looking into some therapy options, but it turns out she just wanted a private photo shoot without Samantha. The next day, Sarah re-took her photos and some of them turned out pretty cute!
Amelia and me

So serious.


Finally! Samantha’s not here and I get the attention I deserve!


Because every baby should have a photo taken next to a giant hibiscus. 

And in honor of the first Utes game of the season tonight…

While in Utah, I stopped by Kid to Kid and pretty much bought out their selection of Utes bows! I’m so excited to try them all out this football season. If only the girls had hair…

Lots of love,


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  1. Utah won! I think those cute babies are good luck!