Adjustment Day!

Today, we went in for Samantha’s first helmet adjustment. Samantha loved showing off her new accessory to everyone we passed on the way up the elevator, until we entered the waiting room…she must have thought we were going to force her to wear something even worse than a helmet on her head, because she immediately began to bawl. The orthotist told us she’d wait a few minutes and come back when Samantha was calmed down a bit…ten minutes later, and Samantha was still wailing. I told the orthotist just to go ahead and do what she needed to do because it didn’t look like Samantha was going to stop crying anytime soon.

After removing Samantha’s helmet, the orthotist examined her head, took some measurements, and then shaved off some of the foam on the band in order to allow for new growth. We talked over Samantha’s crying while Amelia observed, amused. The orthotist said Samantha’s head looked like it had been growing rapidly (a good thing–could mean less time in the helmet), and that her head shape has already made improvements over last week. I can’t really tell the difference, but Jake says he can, so hopefully he’s right and the band will be worth it!

Whenever Samantha screams like a banshee, I like to remember her adorable giggle! Here’s Jake’s niece, Maddie, making her laugh:


I wonder when the whole helmet thing is said and done, if the girls will look more alike. Even though they are identical twins, it’s pretty easy to tell them apart, owing to the two-pound difference between them and Samantha’s larger head.

Who’s who? 
(Amelia left, Samantha, right).

Lots of love,


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  1. I've been wondering if they were identical, assumed so. Nice that it's easy to tell them apart!