Mall Rats

So the girls continued to be a little bit out of sorts after their four-month shots clear until today. On Wednesday night, they both woke up at 3:30 a.m. and I was deathly afraid that the progress we had made with their sleep patterns had backslid irreparably. Both girls continued to have slight fevers on Thursday and weren’t their usual, playful selves, which was pretty stressful. Luckily, Jake’s brother was here working on a case with Jake, and left Jake’s niece, Emma, here for a few hours during the day while he was at work. She was a big help holding the girls, which is pretty much what we did the entire time she was here. Fortunately, on Thursday and Friday night the girls returned to normal and slept until 6 a.m. once again. Sigh of relief!

While Emma was here, we managed to go on a few adventures. I figured I would take advantage of the extra set of arms and venture out to Costco, which is something I could never do with the girls and just myself. I pushed the cart, while Emma was a good sport maneuvering the stroller around the hordes of elderly people (Costco always seems to be packed with senior citizens if I go in the morning!) and followed my instructions to walk quickly away when curious strangers wanting to have thirty-minute conversations with us about twins so much as glanced our way. Even though I promised they could have a hot dog and berry smoothie if they were good, Samantha and Amelia did not enjoy Costco at all (not even the samples!) and were pretty vocal about their distaste the entire time. We were in and out pretty fast, and were exhausted when we got home. 
Our second adventure was going to the mall with the girls for the first time. After being captivated with Emma’s stories of the wonders of the Disney store and Claire’s Accessories (Emma is nine), Samantha and Amelia were really excited to try this “shopping” thing out. Once we arrived, however, the girls decided that the bright lights and noise were a little over-stimulating and took turns melting down. Luckily, the ambient noise drowned them out most of the time, except when I took Amelia into the Lullaby Lounge to change her diaper. The Lullaby Lounge is a nice, QUIET room with cushy chairs and separate bathroom stalls/changing tables “exclusively for moms and babies” (whenever Jake passes it, he scowls and mutters, “What about dads and babies?”) Anyway, something in the lounge must have freaked her out, because as soon as we entered, Amelia turned bright red and started screaming her head off. Crazy girl!

Although the girls weren’t impressed with the mall initially, after a stop at the Disney store where Emma showed them all the princess costumes, and a smoothie break at Jamba Juice, Samantha and Amelia were in better spirits. For dinner, Jarom and Jake met up with us at Cheesecake Factory where the girls fell asleep reading the long menu, thereby allowing us to enjoy our dinner in peace! 

I wouldn’t quite call Samantha and Amelia’s first trip to the mall a success, but sometimes it’s nice to get out of the house for a change, even if it’s a total disaster!
Lots of love,

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