4-Month Photo Shoot Fail

Samantha and Amelia turned 4-months-old yesterday and I thought I’d take some cute pictures of them. HA.

When I uploaded my photos, my camera said I had taken 156 photos…how is it possible not a single one turned out?

Here are the highlights:

You’re getting out that thing again? Whaddya say, Sistah? Let’s show her what we got!

Let’s not look at the camera and stick our tongues out!

Let’s look bored/annoyed out of our minds!

Let’s eat our dresses and crinkle those silly stickers!
 Let’s pull up our dresses over our faces!

Let’s pull our dresses over our faces AND tug on each other!

Better yet, let’s eat each other!

Let’s yawn to show her how tired we are of this!

Let’s show our bellies!

She’s STILL taking pictures! Let’s take this up a notch!

Let’s look at the diaper pail!

 Let’s pull up our dresses again!

Let’s eat our hands!

Let’s pull up our dresses, eat our hands, AND kick our legs!
Let’s look opposite directions!
Let’s look up!
Let’s furrow our brows!
 I’ll smile and look cute while you look terrified!

Let’s both look terrified!

Tee hee. 

By the end of the photo shoot, both girls had defiantly ripped off their 4-month stickers, Amelia had completely crinkled hers up, and their dresses were soaked with drool. You may have won this one, girls, but I’m going to try again this weekend!

Lots of love,


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