Welcome to the pack!

Today, I saw a commercial for McDonald’s new pomegranate blueberry smoothie. Kudos to their advertising department because I found myself craving one all day. My smoothie craving, combined with the fact that I was going a little stir crazy by the time Jake got home from work, meant that we loaded up the car with the girls for a field trip à la Golden Arches (you know you’ve been in the house too long when a trip to grab fast food sounds like a vacation). Bandit was looking pretty forlorn poking his head out of the garage as we pulled out, so we decided to bring him along too.  I happily slurped my smoothie while Jake ended up ordering a club sandwich…we could hear the drip drop of Bandit’s drool from the back seat the whole trip.

As soon as we got home, Samantha and Amelia said it was time for their dinner too, so Jake set his sandwich on the table and we took the girls upstairs.  When we returned downstairs, the sandwich was gone and Bandit was sitting in the corner, looking fat and guilty. If you’ve been to our house, you know we have a very tall table, so I’m not exactly sure how he managed to jump up there. It was obvious that Bandit had conspired with the girls and asked them to create a diversion. In exchange for the girls’ help, I’m sure Bandit promised to one day distract me by barking non-stop so that they can draw on the walls, or flush car keys down the toilet, or whatever else they decide would be the most likely to drive me insane.

Trouble? What trouble? 

I have a feeling Bandit is going to love it when the girls are old enough to sit in high chairs and throw food down to him! He has officially accepted the girls into our pack!

Lots of love,


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