Even though I’m not teaching school anymore, there’s still something I look forward to about Fridays! Especially now that the school year is almost over, there are happy kids scootering and skateboarding all over the neighborhood, and their enthusiasm is contagious. Yesterday, the smell of barbecue, chlorine, and unadulterated joy permeated the air, signaling the start of the summer! I’m so excited for when Samantha and Amelia can ride their bikes, swim in the pool, and don permanent purple popsicle stains (alliteration unintended) all summer long! Even though it was just a normal weekday for the girls, they were both in pretty good moods yesterday, with the occasional cranky episode.

Amelia waking up in the morning, happy it’s Friday!

Just realized she’s still a baby and pretty much can’t do anything, so Fridays mean nothing. 

Just another day in babyland. 

Amelia does her TGIF party dance later in the afternoon. La cucaracha! La cucaracha!

Every day, Samantha is more and more alert and awake. I swear she hardly napped at all yesterday. 

And we paid for it. 

Everyone’s up!

I will miss these little socks when they grow out of them! Samantha is growing out of her 6 month clothes (um, yeah, she’s only 3 months old), so Amelia gets her hand-me downs, just like a real little sister!

It was such a gorgeous day, that we went on a few walks around the neighborhood and then up to the pool, down the trail and back home to barbecue.

Amelia in her cute kitty hat (thanks, Angie!)

 Samantha in her cute homemade knitted hat (thanks, Stacy!)

Bandit guards his little sisters against wild bunny attacks. 

We only got stopped by 3 people exclaiming “TWINS!!!” this time around. Usually it’s more. People are seriously fascinated whenever they see me barreling down the trail with the double stroller and can’t resist telling me all about their own twins, their cousin’s twins, their dentist’s twins, their dog’s twins, etc. I usually don’t mind, unless A) They are smoking (this happened the other day and I just abruptly walked away whilst glaring rudely) or B) They reach out to touch the twins, in which case I do my best mommy-body-block and squirt hand sanitizer all over the offending party until they get so weirded out that they just leave on their own. I don’t know what it is about pregnancy or babies, but random strangers seriously think the girls are public property!

Not that we have any exciting plans this weekend, but TGIF! 
Lots of love,

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