Month 2 Favorite Things

Since Amelia and Samantha are turning three months this coming week, I thought I’d better post their 2 Month Favorite Things so I can post their 3 Month Favorites later.

1. Snugabunny Cradle ‘N Swing: I didn’t honestly know if we were going to use this, but I bought it off Craig’s List for a good price and figured we could always turn around and sell it if it didn’t work out. Along with the girls’ rockers and bouncer, this has been a lifesaver when it comes to having somewhere to put one of the girls when I can’t hold her. The swing takes up a ton of room and is bulky to move around, but the girls love looking up at the little birdie mobile/mirror and listening to the nature sounds (well, at least I like listening to the nature sounds). This swing is great for helping the girls fall asleep for a little nap when I can’t rock them. We used this every day in Month 2 and will continue to use it until they get too big for it!
2. Bath tub! The girls LOVE their baths and this tub is the perfect size. We have two tubs, but the girls are so wriggly that I get scared bathing one of them alone. Our routine is that before bed, Jake and I put this tub in our master bath, fill it up with water and one of us holds the baby while the other washes her down. Then, we switch babies. Usually, whoever was bathed first is screaming when we pull her out of the bath and takes a second to get warm/calm down as we try and towel her off, dress and swaddle her, while the other baby waits patiently for her bath. Even though we probably could bathe them at the same time, I figure this routine teaches them to share! I love this tub, but I am super excited for the day they can sit up and splash around in the big tub together!
3. Moby Wrap: Despite reading the user manual and looking up numerous You Tube videos, I have no idea how to tie the Moby wrap around me and usually end up looking like an escaped mental patient when I try. Jake, however, is the Moby master and the girls love being carried around in it. Moby should seriously hire him to be in one of their commercials…I’m sure he could bring up the ratings from the Dad demographic. 
4. Jewel’s Lullabies: Ahhh, this brings me back the good old days in 6th grade when I would croon along to “I Was Meant for You” on my Discman. These lullabies by Jewel are sooooo soothing. I probably enjoy them more than the girls do. During Month 2, I would use these songs as my alarm when I had to get up in the middle of the night and pump. Much less jarring waking up to her songs than Green Day, which for some unknown reason, was my old alarm for the longest time.
5. Twin Bassinet/Pack ‘N Play: This is the only twin bassinet on the market and was less expensive than buying two separate bassinets, especially since we received it as a gift! The girls hated lying flat on their backs during the first few weeks, but eventually, they got used to this bassinet. I love having them right next to my bed instead of having to trek to the nursery in the middle of the night (yes, I am THAT lazy. Same reason I have a mini fridge upstairs to store bottles). The girls will eventually have to relocate to their crib, but for the first few months, the bassinet has been great. When the girls get too big for it, we will eventually use it as a playard and hopefully it will remain just as useful. 
I can’t believe they used to both fit in the same pod of the bassinet! Precious!
6. I’ve always loved Amazon, but I never realized how serious our relationship was until the twins arrived and I once again discovered the beauty of boxes of crap being sent to my door without me having to drive anywhere! I buy pretty much everything online now days…diapers, wipes, pacifiers, shampoo, and all things baby. Since I have yet to venture to the brick and mortar stores in the outside world with the twins in tow, the two-day shipping with a Prime membership has definitely been worth it. 
Month 2 Milestones: 
-At their 2-month appointment, Samantha weighed 12.2 pounds and was 22 inches long and Amelia weighed 10.5 pounds and was 20 inches long. Samantha was in the 78th percentile while Amelia was working on catching up to her big sis in the 45th. 
-Both girls continued to hate tummy time, although they improved at lifting their heads up.
-Still mostly slept during the day, but were awake more than Month 1
-Samantha was the first to smile for real, with Amelia about a week behind. Amelia was the first to imitate me when I stuck my tongue out, while Samantha was about a week behind her!
-Still woke up every 2 1/2-3 hours day and night to eat
-10-12 diapers per day, per baby! 
-Both girls loved being swaddled, stroller rides, baths, and going to the beach. 
I can’t believe the girls will be 3 months old in a few days! What a blur!
Lots of love,


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  1. Cute pictures of the twins! I have that same jewel lullaby cd i keep it in my car! I see your back to blogging too, i decided to as well its been forever haha!