Let the adoration begin!

The girls love receiving mail and packages and got some fun surprises in the mail today!

A letter from President and Michelle Obama commemorating the twins’ birth!

If you send in a birth announcement to the White House, they will send you this little card back. It’s printed on pretty nice card stock and has the seal of the White House embossed on the top, although you can’t really see it in the picture. I thought it was very classy of them to send two separate letters, one for each of the girls and addressed separately. When I sent in the girls’ birth announcement, I included a little note that read, “Just wanted to introduce you to the future President and Vice-President of the United States” haha. Definitely going in the scrapbook!

This came in the mail a while ago, but I also sent a birth announcement to Disneyland and they sent back two cute postcards signed by the Disney characters. So cute!

Also in the mail arrived these adorable Angels Baseball rompers from our connection to all things Angels, Great Aunt Linda and Great Uncle David.

Oh. My. Gosh. Cuteness overload! They also match the pink Angels pillow pets the girls received from the same awesome aunt and uncle at their baby shower. I can’t wait until the girls can fit into these…and then we’ll go to a game with them! And eat churros! And sneak in a beach ball! And snack on peanuts…the kind that you have to take out of the shell, of course. I have such great memories of going to Angels games as a kid and am so excited to continue the tradition with the girls.

Also in the mail came some Nordstrom Notes! Ok, so that one was for me, but I was super excited! Shopping is on the horizon.

The only thing the girls love more than getting mail is having visitors! Today, a super amazing former student of mine (when I was student teaching 8th Grade Language Arts, she was a student in one of my master teacher’s Honors classes), and her friend stopped by bearing gifts (donuts!) It’s a good thing I worked out today, because let’s just say I may have eaten 95% of the donuts by dinner time. THANKS for ruining my post-natal diet, Marisa! Just kidding. I would like to pretend I am watching what I eat, but that pretty much went out the window when I realized I would be waking up in the middle of the night for the indefinite future and needed something to look forward to at 2 a.m.

Anyway, when Jake got home, his excitement at seeing a box of donuts on the counter quickly turned to devestation as he discovered that every single donut had a bite taken out of it. There were so many different flavors, that I wanted to sample all of them. Totally the logical thing to do. I do the same thing with muffins…NOTHING makes Jake angrier than finding muffins with no tops. Sorry babe.

So while I ate donuts, Marisa (my sorta former student) and her friend, Paulina, oooh’d and ahhh’d over Samantha and Amelia, which the twins, of course, absolutely ate up. Seriously, the girls are going to have major complexes over constantly being the center of attention. “Let the adoration commence!” they said.

Paulina with Amelia and Marisa with Samantha. 

I felt about a million years old knowing that Marisa, who was in 8th grade when I student taught at MacArthur, is now a senior in high school. WHERE did the time go? It was fun hearing about all of the exciting college plans the girls have and reminiscing about old times. It definitely made me miss teaching!

The best part about teaching was all the cute gifts I received! I was definitely ok with bribes. 
My finest hour. Karaoke at the 8th Grade Dance. My rendition of Carrie Underwood’s “Before He Cheats” with some of the girls was pretty epic. 

Jake was always such a good sport and accompanied me at all the school events. His hair is my favorite. 

My first class!

Probably talking about thesis statements or subordinate clauses…poor children!

There’s nothing quite like spending most of your waking hours with the same class full of crazy teenagers for an entire year. Until Samantha and Amelia came along, teaching was definitely the most challenging and rewarding work I had ever done. I would love to go back to the classroom someday, but for now, Samantha and Amelia are enough to keep me exhausted 24/7, so middle school will have to wait!
Lots of love,

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  1. Wow, a letter from the President. How fun! I love the birthday card from Disney too. Great stuff for their scrap books.