It (sorta) fits!

I was pretty excited yesterday when I tried on my wedding ring and it finally fit again! Yes, it was pretty much cutting off my circulation and I had to take it off after a few hours, but I haven’t been able to so much as cram it on the tip of my finger since November, so I’ll take it!

Sundays are great because it gives me an excuse to dress up the girls in all the cute dresses they received from their baby showers! The girls were ecstatic about their outfit selections for the day. 

And of course the girls needed to show off their cute shoes. 

 Hey sis!

Nom nom. 

Work it, Samantha!

Put your hands in the air!

Little cuties. 
Love those big blue eyes! 
Cuddle time with Daddy. 
Play time!

In the evening, we met up with our friends and walked around RSM lake. They have a baby girl who is exactly one month older than Samantha and Amelia. It’s so fun to see how’s she’s growing and the different milestones she’s hitting before Samantha and Amelia do!

Lots of love,


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  1. Your girls are delightful! Good for you for working so hard to take such good care of them! Congrats on getting your ring back on, by the way. I made the mistake of keeping mine on during my pregnancy, and it got stuck on for about a year!