A Day of Firsts

Today was jam-packed with firsts!

First off, Amelia started randomly started sucking her thumb for the first time! Once she found it, she couldn’t stop! I didn’t grab a picture, but hopefully next time I’ll catch her.

Next, this morning was the first time the girls had a conversation with each other. I’m sure they’ve been somewhat aware of each other for a while now and have certainly looked at each other before, but never for any longer than a few minutes. This morning, Jake held Samantha and I held Amelia a few feet away from each other. They locked eyes and immediately started smiling, giggling and cooing at each other for a full half hour before both conked out for a nap. “FINALLY! Someone who understands me!” they said. It was seriously the cutest thing EVER to see them talking and laughing with each other. I wish we had taken pictures or caught it on video, but we were so busy enjoying the moment, we didn’t want to ruin it by pausing to grab our camera. I hope this marks the beginning of many fun conversations together.

Samantha and Amelia also visited San Clemente Beach for the first time. The girls were pretty much asleep for the entire ride, even when the train passed by and honked loudly…I thought for sure it would startle them, but apparently the girls prefer train noises over Bandit barking, the vacuum, or me tip-toeing into the nursery.

The train passes right along the beach…might be fun to take the girls on it and ride down to San Diego some time!


 To his delight, Bandit tagged along on our outing.

We strolled along the trail right next to the beach until we found a shady spot to picnic on the grass. Samantha and Amelia loved the fresh ocean air, the view of the beach from our spot, and, as always, watching us eat.

Bandit can’t wait until the girls are old enough to sit in their high chairs and throw down food to him.


Amelia and mommy.


Samantha’s Indian goddess pose.
Bandit photo bombing Amelia.

Lastly, we got our first sunburns of the summer season! Thankfully, the girls didn’t get sunburned, but as soon as Jake and I got home, we knew we were in trouble, so I ran out to CVS to stock up on some aloe vera/sunscreen. The check-out guy was totally laughing at me and my splotchy red face and arms. EVERY YEAR we always get a really bad sun burn at the beginning of the summer and then are super careful about slathering on the sunscreen thereafter. The worst is my hands…they got the brunt of it since I was pushing the stroller and the sun was beating down directly on them. SOOOOO much pain right now!

We are excited for all the many “firsts” yet to come. Pretty easy to do considering almost everything is new when you’re only three months old!


Lots of love,


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