Off Schedule

Today was a crazy day! I know my use of the word “crazy” has probably lost all meaning by now since every day is pretty much crazy. But, SERIOUSLY, today was especially insane because the girls were on completely different wavelengths the entire day! No one wanted to eat, play, poop, write a novel, etc. at the same time, EVER! It seemed like I constantly had a baby in my arms and as soon as I put one down, the other would start up. Needless to say, the day was looooong! Even Bandit was exhausted by the end of it!

“Amelia and I discussed this last night, Mom. We planned to be off schedule the WHOLE day. We wanted to make sure you were on your game!”

Samantha was especially active today and had a hard time going down for naps because there was just too much to see and do. The past few days she has started to coo and babble more; she seems so frustrated at her inability to communicate effectively! I can’t blame her…I would be annoyed too if my cries to change the Pandora station to something other than Brahms’ Lullaby were answered with a bunch of high-pitched “oh you are such a CUTE baby” and “you’re OK Samantha bear” over and over.

Samantha’s neck muscles have gotten a lot stronger lately too! She loves to observe everything around her, especially when we put her on the Boppy so she can look around her activity mat, or the “baby jungle” as we call it.

It’s a pretty impressive feat to raise her head, considering how massive and heavy it is in proportion to the rest of her body! Poor little cone head! That’s what you get for being burrowed down on top of my cervix for 8 months!

Amelia was my rock today. While Samantha cried to be picked up, then put down, then swaddled, then un-swaddled, then bathed, then taken out of the bath, then rocked, then carried from room to room, Amelia was pretty content in her swing or mat. She is quite the smiley, good-natured baby, although that seems to change from week to week.

We will see what tomorrow brings!

Lots of love,


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