Laguna Beach

Today, the girls were feeling so much better after their vaccinations on Monday, which was a huge relief! It seems like just last week they were napping most of the day with short bursts of wakefulness to eat and a longer stretch of being awake (and fussy) in the evening hours before bed. All of sudden, though, they are awake way more of the day, which is helping them sleep way better at night! It also means more work for me during the day since these girls seem to get bored easily! Gone are the days where they could just sit with me for an hour, content to stare at my face! These girls are anxious to move around and see the world. Sometimes when they get fussy, I swear they are just bored and want to get out of the house!

Jake, my mom and I took the girls to walk around the Montage in Laguna Beach for a bit in the evening, which is usually their fussy time. Both girls love car and stroller rides and fell right asleep for most of the time. The Montage is a fantastic place to stroll around with babies because there’s a really nice paved pathway which winds along a cliff overlooking the coast on one side and the beautiful grounds of the resort on the other. Lining the path are tons of benches, picnic tables and a gorgeous variety of tropical plants and flowers to enjoy. There are always fun engagement shoots and weddings going on, as well as plenty of people walking their dogs and babies. It’s definitely one of my favorite places in Orange County, especially now that I have kids!

The girls woke up about a half-hour after we had arrived, so we took them out of their stroller for a little stretch!

 Not so happy about it. 

Getting diaper changed in public is fun!

 Love the spit-up stains on Amelia’s onesie. 

They loved the fresh ocean air and sound of the waves crashing. We found a picnic table overlooking the ocean and enjoyed some hamburgers from Ruby’s while people-watching (highlights included a cute family taking their family pictures, a poodle dyed hot pink and a lady pushing her dog in a stroller).

One lady stopped to take a look at the twins and while I would normally just smile, nod and try to end the conversation as quickly as possible in case she had some kind of contagious disease, this woman had a newborn baby with her, so I figured she understood how to keep her distance. She said she was amazed I was out and about with the twins. Apparently, her baby was about four weeks old and had not stopped screaming since birth! I told her things constantly change and that stage would be over before she knew it. She said when she first saw me strolling along, she had remarked to her husband how happy I looked, and so it must eventually get better (hilarious since I had not blow-dried my hair, done my makeup and was too tired to make any effort to wear anything but yoga pants and a maternity t-shirt)! It was nice feeling like a veteran mom for a fleeting moment!

I can’t wait until the twins are old enough to actually play at the beach! I have a feeling I will be camping out there most of the summer as soon as they are ready! One of the perks of living in Southern California!

Just because I like making collages:

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