First post on my new blog!

My very first post! Yay! I actually put together this blog back in March before Samantha and Amelia were born with the idea of posting an extremely detailed account of their lives each day…HA. HA. HA. Apparently, I figured I would have a lot of free time, you know, sitting around taking care of two newborns. FAIL. Obviously, that didn’t happen, but I figure it’s never too late to start, so here it goes! My intention with this blog is to capture even a small snippet of what’s going on with the girls whenever I can…things are still quite busy around here, if you can believe it! I really want to have some kind of record, however small, of these early days with the girls, for me, for them, and for family and friends who want an update since I’m probably not answering your texts and calls with any sort of reliability. SORRY.  Samantha wants to make it up to you:

Lots of love,


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