Adventures in Eating

We’ve had a very busy week since Jake’s sister, Juliette, arrived from Colorado. As the mother of not one, but TWO sets of TWINS, Juliette was a huge help with the girls. Samantha and Amelia clearly could tell she had major experience taking care of babies!

Juliette also spoiled us with our favorite thing! FOOD! She pretty much cooked non-stop the entire time she was here. As someone enjoys eating way more than cooking, I was pretty grateful!

Yummy spring rolls!
I may or may not have eaten five of her carmelitas per day. 

Not only did she spoil us with yummy Chinese chicken salad, chipotle taco salad, muffins, bread, and smoothies, she stocked our freezer with TONS of ready-to-go freezer meals. She made us some delectable oatmeal muffins, breakfast burritos, lasagna, pasta, cliantro lime chicken, BBQ chicken and much more…the best part is, all we have to do is pop them in the microwave, oven, or crock-pot and voila! Breakfast/lunch/dinner is served! Since Samantha and Amelia don’t really enjoy cooking, these freezer meals will prevent us from starving, with the added bonus of being quick, easy and delicious! I am so excited to prepare dinner now!

While most of the time Juliette was cooking or holding Samantha and Amelia, we did manage to venture out a few times. Jake and I took everyone to our favorite spot in Laguna Beach for a nice afternoon stroll.

Brother and sister!

Jake with Amelia and me with Samantha. 
Amelia enjoying the fresh ocean air. 
Samantha loving the sun. Or pooping…either way.

We also walked around downtown Laguna, ate some gelato and soaked up some sun.
Jake with a headless Samantha. 
 Samantha really wanted that pistachio gelato. 
 Amelia, game for anything. 

To cap off a great week, we went to California Fish Grill for dinner…with the girls! This is pretty much how Samantha and Amelia felt about their first time going out to a restaurant:

Samantha and Amelia really wanted to go to Mastro’s Steak House, but we decided to go out for fish instead. They started screaming before we even entered the restaurant, so I stayed outside with them, while Jake and Juliette ordered. We found a table outside, close to an escape route, and figured the girls would calm down after we took them out of their strollers. FAIL! This was pretty much what we did the whole time: 

Luckily, with Juliette there, we had two people to hold the girls while the other person ate. I wolfed down my fish tacos, then it was Jake’s turn to eat while I held Samantha, and finally, Juliette could eat! The girls fussed on and off pretty much the entire time and really did not enjoy being out in the social scene AT ALL. Of course, everyone was staring at us and probably wondering why would ever leave the house with those two. Someone even asked Jake if he would like her to hold Samantha for him so he could eat! Hilarious and embarrassing at the same time.

Next time, I think we will limit our day to one outing instead of two AND we will go out to dinner a little bit earlier before the girls get really over-stimulated and tired. I’m glad our first time going out with them is over! LIVE AND LEARN.

Juliette left on Saturday and we miss her already, but her legacy of freezer meals will live for quite some time! The girls are excited to meet their twin cousins some day!

Lots of love,


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